Łukasz Wojciechowski

Łukasz Wojciechowski – architect, co-founder of the company VROA architects, in which he co-designed, inter alia, the Wroclaw Conference Center at Hala Stulecia, reconstruction of the air raid shelter for Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Primary School No. 22 in Wroclaw. Assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the Wrocław University of Technology, where he teaches design classes. Author of the publication: We wstecznym lusterku (2014), Bryk do architektury (2015), Związki architektury modernistycznej i motoryzacji indywidualnej (2019). Curator of the 2.5D Young Polish Architects exhibition in Tallinn, Helsinki, Brno and Pilsen. He writes for „Architektura-Murator”, „Autoportret”, „Architektura & Biznes” etc. In his free time he draws comics.

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