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„I (will) share home with a cat”

EMG Publishing House introduces the second volume in the series „Someone, not something”, entitled „Zamieszka(ł) ze mną kot” by Aleksandra Zawadzka-Glinka. The book is best described by the words of the first reader and the first female reader:

I already felt like writing that this book is a kind of instruction manual and should come with every cat we take in, but that would go against the idea behind the author. Operating manuals can be attached to devices, things, objects, and Aleksandra Zawadzka-Glinka convinces us that cats are not things. This publication lets you get to know who, not what, a cat is. Also – and perhaps most importantly – your cat, Reader and Reader.

Michal Rusinek

Love for cats, which emanates from every sentence of this book, and the author’s sense of humor make Zamieszka(ł) z mną kot read with real pleasure. Ola Zawadzka-Glinka, a behaviorist with enormous experience, undoubtedly has the ability to speak about important issues in a clear and understandable way for everyone. She herself – like a cat – walks her own paths, revealing to us the secrets of cat behaviorism. So we can only rejoice that she takes all cat people on this fascinating journey.

This is a must-read for those who already share their lives with a cat or are yet to do so. I highly recommend it.

Beata Leszczynska, president of the COAPE Association of Behaviorists and Trainers

Zamieszka(ł) ze mną kot

The publication was illustrated with pastels by Ewa Mankowska.

The premiere and meetings with the author will take place during the Someone, Not Something Festival on September 18 in Wroclaw and October 7 in Krakow. We will provide detailed information before the meetings.


„Zamieszka(ł) ze mną kot”
Author: Aleksandra Zawadzka-Glinka
Series: Someone, Not Something , volume II
EMG Publishing House, Kraków 2022
ISBN: 9788363464547
Paperback with flaps
page 292
format 135×210 mm
price PLN 49.00