Places and people

EMG Publishing House is pleased to announce „Places and people” – the fifth volume of reading notebooks in the series „Residents of Jewish Krakow”. The texts of the publication are in Polish and English.


Before the Second World War, Jews accounted for over 30 percent of the residents of Krakow. The Holocaust affected almoust every of them. Unfortunately today, walking the streets of Krakow, we can get the impression that the memory of the Jewish residents of the city is visible mostly in the omnipresent depictions of figurines or paintings of Jews with their inherent con – strengthening the stereotypical and offensive image. The aim of publishing the series of notebooks „Residents of Jewish Krakow ” is a presentation – by necessity fragmentary and subjective – of the portraits of Polish Jews who lived and worked in Kraków. Those who directly contributed to the material, cultural and social development of the city, and as a result, of Poland, and those who simply lived here and called Krakow their home.

In the previous notebooks I presented artists, politicians, soldiers, sportspeople, restaurant managers, women who succeeded in deconstructing the stereotypes of male world, and ordinary citizens. The fifth volume presents important places which are at times forgotten and surprising, which were shaped by Krakow Jews and the people who contributed to the development of our city but are often lost in the collective memory. Therefore, the notebook presents artist, scientists, collectors, architects, sportspeople, industrialist, doctors, craftsmen, social activists, and tradesmen.


Places and people

prepared by: Ewa Mańkowska-Grin

series: Residents of Jewish Krakow

Reading Notebook, Volume V

EMG publishing house, Krakow 2022

Paperback with flaps

ISBN 9788363464516

  1. 252

price: PLN 42.00

Premiere: May 26, 2022