Architecture and Animals

EMG publishing house is delighted to announce „Architecture and Animals” by Joanna Gellner and Mateusz Boczar, the seventh volume in the „The most important is Architecture” series.


The seventh volume in the series „The most important is Architecture”, dealing with the complex relationships between people and animals in the space of architecture and urban planning, is another (after, among others, „Ms. Architects”, „Ms. Pioneers” and „Trees”) synthetic attempt to describe the phenomena plaguing our present day in the context of human material activity. The book „Architecture and Animals” reports on the interdependence of creating space by human, in which architecture can be defined as „something that has not existed before”, with the „always existing” world of nature. Joanna Gellner and Mateusz Boczar talk brilliantly about the relationship of animals with architecture and urban planning, creating pioneering popular science work. In an accessible and variously illustrated form, on the one hand, they show a peculiar „debt” that people incurred from animals by building material space around them, drawing experience, for example, from the practice of organizing and building animal residences, on the other – which seems to be much more important today – they describe from many perspectives how much we have abused the trust of nature and present the urgent need to create architectural and urban solutions that allow animals to function in the „concrete world of man”.

„The most important is Architecture” is a series devoted to various issues related to architecture. The previous volumes considered questions about contemporary landscape, urban chaos, landscape degeneration, the condition of the architectural profession, its cultural and social role, ecology in design, continuity and quality of the architectural profession and its future. Attention was also paid to the role of women in creating Polish architectural and urban culture. One of the volumes is entirely devoted to trees and their role in the context of architectural and urban activities. Now it’s time for animals.

The series is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Tomasz Mańkowski, an architect.

Architecture and animals
Authors: Joanna Gellner, Mateusz Boczar
Series: The most important is Architecture, volume VII
EMG Publisher, Kraków 2021
ISBN 978-83-63464-42-4
Paperback with flaps
p. 240
Format: 168×210 mm
Price: PLN 42.00

Premiere: July 7, 2021