Residents of Jewish Krakow: Food and Culture

EMG publishing house announces „Food and Culture” – the third volume of the notebook for reading in the series „Residents of Jewish Krakow”. The texts in the notebook are bilingual: in Polish and in English.


The purpose of this publication is not to show what is called Jewish cuisine. The presented recipes are a symbolic selection of recipes written by pre-war Cracovians of Jewish origin, most of them non-religious. These private notes are more than just a hint on how to cook – they have also become a pretext for biographies and a background for a fragment of the life of once a quarter of Krakow’s community.

This picture would be too poor without showing restaurants and cafes run by the Jewish citizens of our city. The notebook contains photos and information about such places, and the biographies contain fragmentary data about life in pre-war Krakow, the history of places that no longer exist, the war drama and subsequent history. During the research, it turned out that many restaurateurs’ families were associated with the development of Krakow and Polish sports, so this aspect also appeared in the publication.

The publication is in the form of a reading notebook. For those who wish to find more information, we encourage you to follow the bibliography and add the information you find on the free pages. You can also write down your own recipes or notes improving the given recipes.

Food and culture
series: Residents of Jewish Krakow
Notebook for Reading, Volume III
prepared by: Ewa Mańkowska-Grin
EMG publishing house, Krakow 2020
ISBN 978-83-63464-29-5
p. 164
price PLN 30.00

Premiere: August 25, 2020