Residents of Jewish Krakow: Art and Culture

EMG Publishing House is proud to present the second notebook for reading: „Art and Culture” from the series „Residents of Jewish Krakow”. The texts in the notebook are bilingual: in Polish and in English.


Before World War II, Jews comprised over 30% of Kraków’s population. The Holocaust affected almost everyone. The purpose of the publication of EMG’s notebooks is – necessarily fragmentary and subjective – to present portraits of Polish Jews who lived and worked in Krakow or were otherwise associated with it.

This volume shows people who were active in the sphere of art and culture: painting, theater, literature, music, collecting, as well as donors of the most important Polish museums and muse of the most famous artists.

These figures, often forgotten, are symbols of the community of over 60,000 people involved in the development of our city and country.

The reading notebook is by definition an accessible form, consisting of short biographies of extraordinary people. They are complemented by wonderful and often unknown photos from family collections or museum and library archives rarely shown or not available to the public. On the free pages, interested parties can add notes and expand information, following in the footsteps of the notebook’s heroes.

Art and culture
series: Residents of Jewish Krakow
Notebook for Reading, Volume II
prepared by: Ewa Mańkowska-Grin
EMG publishing house, Krakow 2020
ISBN 978-83-63464-27-1
p. 132
price PLN 30.00

Premiere: August 25, 2020