Ms. Architects


The EMG publishing house is proud to announce the launch of the book „Ms. Architects” – the second volume of the series ” The most important is Architecture” – now available in ebook format on the Woblink website!

The most important is Architecture series is dedicated to the memory of prof. Tomasz Mańkowski, an architect and pedagogue, who passed away in 2012.


The stories presented in the book, are dedicated to six female architects. The included texts are trying to apprise the role of women, not only in shaping the modernist vision of Polish architecture and urbanism, but also struggle with still present stereotype of the patriarchal world of builders, in which the only “father of the work” remains still a male architect.

Essays about Diana Reiterówna (Barbara Zbroja), Barbara Brukalska (Marta Leśniakowska), Helena Syrkusowa (Rafał Ochęduszko), Halina Skibniewska (Marta A. Urbańska), Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak (Łukasz Wojciechowski) and Anatolia Hryniewicka-Piotrowska (Szymon Piotr Kubiak) with equal strength present us both the influence of these extraordinary women on the Polish architectonic idea, and their often personal portraits.

Every described character in the book shaped the story of Polish architecture in a different way, and wrote down in it an original chapter. Choosing the side of modernism, they inscribed themselves in the history of Polish modernity, which we today discover and analyze afresh. The book, which is now given to the readers, is a very precious elaboration, emphasizing the meaning of women for Polish architecture. And also an inspiration for further studies on the achievements both of the characters described in the book, and also many others, who are still to come.

From the Andrzej Szczerski’s introduction

Ms. Architects (ebook) – resume

Marta Leśniakowska, Rafał Ochęduszko, Marta A. Urbańska, Łukasz Wojciechowski, Barbara Zbroja, Szymon Piotr Kubiak
The most important is Architecture series, volume II
EMG Publisher, Kraków 2020
164 pages
Size: 168×210 mm
Price: 35,00 PLN