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Residents of Jewish Krakow

Residents of Jewish Krakow – notebook for reading

The EMG publishing house is proud to present the first notebook from new series: „Residents of Jewish Krakow”, which portraits Polish Jews who lived and worked in Krakow. The texts contained in the notebook are written in Polish and English.

notes ŻOK

Before the Second World War, Jews accounted for about thirty percent of all residents in the city of Krakow. The Holocaust touched nearly every single one of them. Today, walking through the streets of Krakow, one might think that the only memories of the Jews that perished here can be found on the figurines with tiny grosz, the Polish equivalent to the penny.
This booklet is meant to honour the memory of some of the many thousands of Jews who lived and worked in Krakow. We start by featuring individuals who directly influenced the development of the city, including photographers, architects, publishers and lawyers. And we conclude with the first girl to own a bike in Krakow.
The biographies included here represent just a few of the 60,000 Jews that lived in this community. It is thanks to their numerous and invaluable contributions that we have the opportunity to experience Krakow’s wealth of economic, cultural and social offerings.

The partner is the Jewish Religious Community in Krakow.